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A Clockwork Monday

Episode #1.8

They said that Garfield would never end, and they were right. But John and Philip have at least caught up to the current year of Garfield, so it’s the end of Season 1. They’ve been on quite a journey, and learned a lot. They’ve read a lot of bad Garfield, but also some good Garfield. 2019 was bad Garfield. The hosts talk about the Porteguese production of a Garfeild musical, and the increasing topicality of Garfield. Philip hoped to have little a lasagna as a treat, and spends much of the episode ping ponging around. John was sad to see the absence of the Daisy costume, and once again had to go to bat for Broccoli. The year, as I said, was bad. Even by his normal standards, Jim Davis showed some real contempt for women this year. He also made it very clear that Garfield wants to cuck Jon, which is a weird direction for the comic to go in, but not an unexpected one. Today’s Box O’ Fun is a discussion about what season 2 will be. We’ve already pretty much decided, but will be putting a poll up anyway. Isn’t democracy wonderful? This’ll be the last episode for a while, but you can currently catch us every Thursday evening doing Late Night With The GarFiles, on twitch.