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Harold And Kumar Go To Monday

Episode #1.7

John and Philip are back, and ready to talk about 2018 in Garfield. This time the show starts without a hitch, and certainly with no japes or jokes of any kind! No tricks which could fool you. Hoho! 2018 was a year, and we’re heroes for reading it. Philip hated it, but John quite liked it; turns out that two people are capable of having different tastes, even in Garfield. We talk about how Davis finally figured out how to draw sunglasses, the Winky face of the year, and how Jim Davis is writing all this just for Phi...John. This year also contains the best comic we’ve seen so far, one (1) which is actually really good. A single good comic. In 7 years. John coins “Garlene” as the Garfield/Arlene ship name. That’s fun. We’re not destroying ourselves by reading Garfield. In today’s Box O’ Fun, we talk about a bunch of the Flash Games on the Garfield Website. Some good, some bad, some complete bullshit, some not actually games. We also made some comics using the Official Garfield Comic Creator. If you want to see them, then check out the blog post, which I promise will be up by next Monday, along with all of the other blog posts which I’ve neglected to do. Sorry. If you make any of your own comics, please send them to us, at the places below. Our Box O Fun for next week is future memories.