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12 Angry Mondays

Episode #1.6

If you thought that last episode had a good opening, then you'll probably like this one too. This time it’s Philip who caused it. We dont dwell on our mistakes however, and quickly get down to the business of the podcast. That’s right, cats corner is back, and it’s not going anywhere. We also talk about Garfield, our risk of being excommunicated by Jim Davis, and the horrible eventuality of Jon and Liz getting married in a Binky Burger. Don’t think it’s all just speculation and jokes. John did some deep investigation into the structure of Paws Inc, and Philip breaks out some Garfield Deep Lore to explain what’s going on with Mondays. Also John gets really defensive about Broccoli at one point, like really defensive. I had never even considered that someone would care this much about Broccoli. In today’s Box O Fun, we finally play and talk about Scary Scavenger Hunt. A flash game on the Garfield website, which Philip played as a stupid child. It’s pretty fun, a classic point and click type thing with some neat tricks, and a bunch of issues. Our Box O Fun for next week is Scary Scavenger Hunt 2, a flash game on the Garfield website, and also a bunch of other flash games on the Garfield website.