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Jurassic Monday

Episode #1.5

This episode features our very best opening yet; you get to hear John pay for his hubris as it happens. We also make early reference to “Crab Town”, which is actually what I called my Animal Crossing Island. Anyone else playing New Horizons? Hit me up. This episode, Philip and John are talking about 2016 of Garfield, which was a … different year. Some would say it’s the strangest year, others would just say that it made them feel empty. The hosts have questions this year, like what’s going on with Liz? Which is her true self, “Stepford Liz” or “The Lazy Sadist and the Pain Pig”? And why would you ever put effort into your food, when you can just say “Let’s just do flour”? In today’s Box O Fun, we talk about “Garfield - Caught in the Act”, a Sega game about Garfield, for which Jim Davis might have drawn the sprites. We played the game through sneaky, criminal methods, but we did not play it for very long, because the game is pretty hard. Thankfully, we also watched an AGDQ speedrun of it, so we saw all of the game. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see Jon’s skeleton, which we wanted to see. Our Box O Fun for next week is “Scary Scavenger Hunt”, a flash game on the Garfield website. We say it will be watching a cat, but that will be later revealed to be a lie.