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Episode #1.4

Uh oh, here they are again, the three hosts; John, Philip, and the Traffic. We’re taking the opening of this show in a bold new direction, and fully expect to win an award for it. Tales are told of “Philip Rodger’s Very Very Bad Evening”, and “John McInnes’s Figurative Vietnam Helicopter”, but eventually we have to get to the year of Garfield. 2015 was a year of high highs, incredibly low lows, and a sucky inbetween. As always, it’s chock full of Jimfield, and horrible lazy writing; but there’s also some surprisingly creative stuff here, and the first confirmation in decades that Jon is a cartoonist. It’s mostly bad though, Philip gets angrier about a comic than he ever has before, and John is forced to explain the concept of Black Pilling. In today’s Box O’ Fun, we talk about Cats (2019), and also about Cats (1998). Philip pulled a fast one on John by watching two versions of Cats, and also by becoming a big fan of Cats. Neither of us expected that to happen. We talk about whether Garfield would be a Jellicle Cat, making best use of the media form you’re in, and the weird anti-chinese sentiments of the theatre show. To see Philip's fantastic meme about Mister Mistoffelees, have a look at our twitter. Also on the blog, when I actually get that sorted out. I haven’t as of yet. Our Box O’ Fun for next week is “Garfield - Caught in the Act”, both the 1995 Sega game, and a Speedrun of it from AGDQ.