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Silence Of The Mondays

Episode #1.3

We return, now with a newfound confidence in the name of the Podcast. John is ill, Philip is sad, John is also sad, and on top of that we had to read the Garfield comics from 2014, or else Philip will never get a Scottish Visa. In this episode we’re bringing you complaints about the Graphical Direction of Garfield and its bullshit apolitical stance. Also there’s...Philip’s Big Theory...and a discussion of the true nature of Jon, the man, the monster. In today’s Box O Fun, we talk about Garfield 2 A Tale of 2 Kitties. This may surprise you, but we didn’t like that either. We have...Philip’s Big Theory 2 This One’s About Garfield 2 A Tale of 2 Kitties...and a whole lot of talking about the flaws of this film, and how it could have been better. In particular, John highlights the one scene which could have saved it. Seriously though, don’t watch the film, not even for a joke. Please. Our Box O Fun for next week is Cats (2019).