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Citizen Monday

Episode #1.2

Philip & John return, this time reading the Garfield Comics of 2013, the Depression Year. We battle through panic attacks, and the constant intrusions of police sirens to bring you the hot content you desire. What content, you ask? Well we (John) come up with a name for the very worst type of Garfield comic; we revisit a discussion from last week, just so Philip can say a joke he forgot to say at the time; we celebrate the return of Irma, and the Peter Gabriel Flower Costume; and we express sympathy for Jim Davis’s daughter, Ashley Davis. In the second segment, we talk about some episodes of the TV show “Garfield and Friends”. These being Episodes 2 & 12 from Series 1. We really liked “Box O’ Fun”, so much so that we decided to name the segment after it. However we hated Buddy the Bear. We all hate Buddy the Bear.